Six Ways You May Unknowingly Damage Your Auto Glass

Your windshield is typically one of the last things you consider when thinking about car maintenance. However, improper maintenance may weaken or even fracture the glass.

Up to 30 percent of your car's structural strength comes from the windshield, so keeping it in good shape is crucial. If installed incorrectly, it may not be able to assist the airbags deploying or supporting the roof of the car in the case of an accident or rollover.

Here are the six most common ways customers unintentionally damage their windshields and how to avoid doing so.

1. Avoiding Routine Blade Replacement

When was the last time you changed the wiper blades on your car? Every six to twelve months? If you don't, you might be risking the safety of your windshield without ever realizing it.

As time passes, the rubber on your wiper blades breaks down, exposing the metal part of the blade to the windshield. You may not hear any scraping from your windshield wipers, but the metal blades might still be scratching your glass.

Keep an eye out for cracks in the windshield if you have a history of ignoring your wiper blades. If a technician finds scratches, windshield repair is a quick, easy, and cheap process that will help protect the integrity of your auto glass and, by extension, the integrity of your car.

2. Leaving a Layer of Dirt and Debris on Your Windshield Leaving a Layer of Dirt and Debris on Your Windshield

While it may not seem like much, even the tiniest particles of dirt and debris may cause microscopic scratches in your windshield over time if you let them accumulate. Maintaining a spotless windshield may extend the life of your car's glass by reducing the likelihood of scratches.

When windshield wipers stop doing their job properly, it's time to replace them. You should also add more wiper fluid every time you get your car serviced or if you see that the fluid sprayers are putting out a weak stream of fluid.

3. Inadequate De-Icing

There are a few secure methods of de-icing a windshield; if you aren't using one of them, you may be damaging your car's glass. Avoid dangerous situations by de-icing your windshield using one of these methods:

● Use a plastic scraper made especially for removing ice.

● Use the low setting on your defroster to help melt snow and ice.

● If you're in a hurry and don't have the right tools, use alcohol or water at room temperature.

Even if you're using a plastic tool, you shouldn't use too much force while hammering or chomping at the ice on your windshield. And if you always turn your defrost up high, try turning it down to a lesser level and turning it up slowly as the glass heats up instead.

Using harsh de-icing procedures may cause minor chips or fractures in your vehicle glass, requiring immediate windshield repair. The damage is likely to spread if not repaired right away due to exposure to daily temperature changes.

4. Making Poor Cleaning Choices

Using the incorrect products to clean your windshield might be worse than not washing it. Use caution while cleaning auto glass with harsh cleansers like ammonia or detergents, particularly if your car's windows are tinted. Using these products on your windows might lead to a film accumulation or streaking that reduces your visibility on the road.

Sponges or towels increase the danger of scratching your windshield since they may trap tiny pebbles and debris against the glass while you wipe.

Use only cleaning agents made exclusively for vehicle glass to prevent the need for windshield repair. And if you do see a scratch or two, make an appointment for auto glass repair right away to keep your windshield in good shape.

5. Subjecting The Glass to Dramatic Temperature Changes

You probably exposed your car's glass to rather extreme temperature swings if you park outside all year. The windshield is particularly vulnerable to damage because of the temperature swings.

If you can, try to find a garage or covered parking spot. Parking under a vehicle tent is an alternative to storing your car in a garage if you do not have one or if it is already too crowded. It will help maintain the glass's temperature more stable by protecting it from the sun's rays and the buildup of snow and ice in the winter.

Cleaning Your Car's Windows Using Gas Station Squeegees6. Cleaning Your Car's Windows Using Gas Station Squeegees

Having squeegees accessible to wipe windshields at gas stations is no guarantee that you should use them.

Why not? Because the cleaning solution doesn't get replaced often. Dirt, sand, and other debris may clog the cleaning solution and the squeegee sponge when dozens or hundreds of drivers use them every day.

Scrubbing your windshield with a filthy, debris-filled sponge might cause tiny scratches in the glass. And if you do this often, your windshield may develop several abrasions that scatter light and impair your field of view.

Let the Expert Take Care of Your Windshield

Bring your car to the experts at Mobile Safe Auto Glass if you find a chip or crack in the windshield. If you have a broken or scratched windshield and can't get it to us, our mobile repair staff will come to you. Contact us today!