New Windshield Aftercare Tips

Auto glass is one of the most important components of a car. It protects you and your passengers from outside dangers and keeps you safe while driving. Auto glass can be repaired in some cases, but not always.

Drivers need to know the difference between auto glass repair and replacement. Auto glass replacement is when the windshield, side window, or back window gets damaged beyond repair and needs a new one. Auto glass repair, on the other hand, is when the cracks in your windshield or side windows are small enough that they can be fixed.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a windshield replacement or repair, contact Mobile Safe Auto Glass. Our team of experts will explain what your auto glass needs.

Aftercare tipsWindshield Repairs

Once your new windshield is installed, you should follow some aftercare steps to make the seal stay in place, and the new glass remains stable and sturdy. It is crucial to avoid driving right after the installation because the adhesive must dry and set before it can adhere to the glass. You should wait at least two hours. Follow these indications that Mobile Safe Auto Glass has for you to get optimal results.

● Leave the windows slightly open: this will help avoid pressure from building up inside your car and compromise the curing process, whether your vehicle is parked outside or inside.

● Drive cautiously: during the first 24 hours after installation, while the adhesion is still curing, you should avoid driving on bumpy roads or over speed bumps. If you can’t avoid it, try to drive slowly.

● Avoid slamming the door: after 24 to 48 hours of your windshield replacement, the adhesion process is still ongoing, so any disturbance will interfere with the expected results, causing leaks or detachments. Avoid closing your car’s doors and even the boot with too much strength.

● Steer clear from car washes: at least for the next 48 hours after your auto glass has been replaced. It's critical to avoid using pressure washers or car washes on your vehicle. However, using a garden hose to wash your car is appropriate.

● Avoid parking in direct sunlight: extreme temperatures can affect sealing and lead to water leaks.

● Keep any items away from your window: make sure nothing on your dashboard, at least while the curing process is in progress, puts pressure on your new auto glass.

Many people avoid having their auto glass replaced or repaired because they believe it isn't a big deal, that it can wait a little longer before they take it to a professional, that it's too expensive, or that nothing will happen if they just leave it alone.

These kinds of thoughts might be putting you and your passengers at risk. An unattended auto glass issue can lead to serious injuries when you least expect it. Mobile Safe Auto Glass cares about its customers. Our team works tirelessly to give you the best services in this industry and will deliver quality work to all our clients. We offer the best windshield replacement and other auto glass services. Contact us for more information!