How to Reduce Glare From your Windshield

Glare refers to the effect of light on a surface, especially when it is bright and harsh. It can be caused by sunlight, car headlights, wet roads, dust on the windshield, or even the reflection of an artificial light source. The glare can be viewed as a safety hazard because it reduces visibility and makes driving difficult.


The dangers of windshield glare are well-known. It reduces visibility and can be blinding. It is very important to keep your eyes on the road when driving.

The glare coming from the sun or the snow can be so intense that it blocks our vision and makes it hard to see cars and pedestrians ahead of us, miss an important signal and cause an accident, or even put us at risk for collision with an animal crossing your lane.

Reduce Glare From your Windshield

Tips to reduce windshield glare

 Replace Your Wipers: Your wipers are the first thing you use to clean your windshield, but old wipers can cause scratches. Try to replace them every 6 to 12 months.

● Refill Your Wiper Fluid: even if you have new wipers, running out of wiper fluid can also cause scratches on your window due to the dust and debris collected on top.

 Don’t delay your windshield repair: scratches on your windshield catch the light, refract it, and shine it directly into your eyes. If you notice any scratch on your windshield, contact Mobile Safe Auto Glass, and we will repair it quickly.

● Clean your windows regularly: you might think that cleaning your windshield from the outside is enough, but that is wrong. You must thoroughly clean your windows inside and outside to reduce glare and allow you to see the road properly. While you do this, you can also detect any damage in your windshield you may have missed while it was dirty.

● Avoid dashboards with glossy coatings: some people prefer how their interiors look after having their cars washed. They make your car’s interior look shiny and new with dashboard coatings, but the truth is that this also contributes to windshield glare. Glossy dashboard coatings reflect the light, so if you want to use some protection for your dashboard, make sure to get a matte coating.

● Window tinting: even if you don’t want to tint the entire window, tinting just a few inches could protect your eyes from the glare.

Glare is a common issue that drivers encounter in their everyday life. It can be a cause of accidents, and it can be very dangerous. It can also lead to permanent damage to your eyesight. If you are having issues with your auto glass that cannot be solved by yourself, contact Mobile Safe Auto Glass and let us take care of the problem. We are a professional auto glass shop and offer a wide range of auto glass services. Contact us today!

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